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Who's yo daddy?!?!

Who’s yo daddy?!?!

Hey hey all you cool cats and kittens! BBQ season is upon us once again!!! You all know Tommy and I throw an annual shindig, but this year is also Tommy’s 30th birthday! He has chosen to throw a DRESS LIKE A DAD themed party!! If you aren’t sure what that is, ask your dad 🤣 or check tik tok. grass cutting shoes, long shorts with lots of pockets, possibly some fanny packs and t-shirts with the chest pocket. Almost anything goes EXCEPT your regular clothes. You all know the rules and I full expect everyone to respect my property. If you need to second guess if it’s allowed, just assume that it’s not. Food is always provided by us and drinks are always provided by you! Chairs and coolers are always appreciated. Any questions, contact Tommy or myself 😊 

The event is finished.


Jun 11 2022


6:00 pm

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701 9th St NW, Minot, ND 58703-2124, United States
701 9th St NW, Minot, ND 58703-2124, United States
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