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Minot ND Mediumship Gallery w/ Tania Rae

“Bridging the Gap” w/ *A little bit of Heaven on Earth*
Tania Rae is a natural born Spiritual Psychic Medium with a big heart and spunky personality. She believes her job is to help your departed loved ones utilize her like a secretary to share detailed messages, personality traits, past memories and current events in your life, all to confirm they are still with you in “spirit”. This will be a one of a kind, uplifting, inspirational and loving atmosphere and Tania will deliver as many messages as she can to you from your departed loved ones! *Not everyone will receive a message.
*After 1000’s of healing messages she has been given the nickname “The Real Deal Medium”.
*Certified by world renowned Medium James Van Praagh
**minimum of tickets must be sold or the event will be canceled n tickets are refunded.
***PRICING + fees
General $35
4 VIP tickets are available – 15 minute private psychic reading prior to the show and this also includes a front row seat at the gallery
– What you can expect from our public galleries due to COVID-19-.
1) MASKS: we are requiring you to wear a mask UPON CHECKIN. If history repeats itself, there is always a line. Therefore, we want everyone to be wearing a mask upon checking in. Once you are seated, you can remove it, if you wish. WHEN THE GALLERY IS OVER, please put your masks back on when exiting. Our staff will be wearing masks at check-in and after the gallery. We will have masks available if necessary, but prefer you please bring your own.
2) SEATING: Seating will not be the same. Each show may vary pending on size, ect please listen to the directions upon checkin.
3) AIR PROTECTION: We will have 2 Germ Guardian Air Purifiers with HEPA filters and UVC lights. The UVC light technology works to reduce airborne bacteria, viruses, germs and spores.
4) PROTECTION: 1) We will be checking your temperature, if you have a temp (which is determined by the thermometer) we will automatically refund your ticket and ask you to leave. No other tickets in your purchase will be refunded except the individual with a temp. Example, you purchased 4 tickets and 1 of the four has a temp and is asked to leave, 1 ticket will be refunded not the other 3. 2) There will be hand sanitizer available 3) Masks will be available upon request, we kindly ask you please bring your own.
5) STAFF: Our staff will be wearing masks at check-in and after the gallery. They will have their own pod during the gallery and may or may not be wearing a mask while in their pod. Tania Rae will not be wearing a mask during the gallery, but will practice social distancing. She will be wearing a mask during the 1 on 1 sessions and after the gallery.
6) EXIT STRATEGY: There will be no socializing after the gallery. We ask that you exit immediately after the gallery.
7) If you are sick, stay home. If a family member has recently tested positive, please stay home.
8. REFUNDS: If you have tested positive for COVID, please send us a copy of the positive test and you will be refunded. Only the individual with the positive test will be refunded. No other refunds are available.
9) DISCLAIMER: By purchasing your ticket, you and any other parties agree to not hold Let’s Talk LLC or Tania Rae Psychic Medium liable for any type of contracted illness.
We hope this is helpful.



Nov 07 2020


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Grand Hotel 1505 N Broadway, Minot, ND 58703
Grand Hotel 1505 N Broadway, Minot, ND 58703
Tania Rae Psychic Medium


Tania Rae Psychic Medium


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